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residential home insurance restoration detroit


insurance construction detroitWhen the unexpected and unfortunate happens your first concern is with eliminating the cause and eradicating the effects. But, then attention turns to the renovation process. It’s at this point that decisions about restoration are made: whether to renew, refresh, or maybe re-build. For some, the goal is to simply make new what was damaged – for others it is an opportunity to make what was damaged better than new. To address the many things that were disappointing in the original room.

That’s where it helps to have a recovery firm that is also a custom home builder: knowing that no matter how extensive the renovation might be, PRG recovery and restoration experts have access to a team of experienced designers and builders. So, once the nightmare is over, the dream of a new space can begin. With a company that knows how to both fix the emergency, and restore your home.

And, keep this emergency number handy: PRG is ready to respond at any time, any day when you need us: 248.988.8800

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